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  • Black Magic Rub

    I like adding this to hamburgers, and the such, but mostly use it as a component in my BBQ rub. I didn’t create it, just did a bit of reducing math. Original Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/marlowes-black-magic-recipe-1939278 Black Magic Rub Print Recipe CourseSpice / Rub CuisineRub Servings Prep Time 3/4 cups 10 minutes Servings Prep Time 3/4 cups…

  • Me-Me-Me-Me-Meat Loaf

    I have been making this for a few years now. We usually make a few at a time and freeze some. Also, it is good to make for camping. We cook one at home, and throw it on a camp grill for about 45 minutes on low, to warm up, in the mountains. Or a…

  • Untitled


    PAGE Easter Project 2016 I won’t be doing a full write up for this piece, but hey, at least is isn’t being posted a month late either. We pick our battles? For more information about why I am doing these projects, please check out PAGE’s facebook page (opens in new tab). Title Untitled Technical Specifications Photography:…

  • Led by the Spirit

    Led by the Spirit

    or… let’s talk about Lent I have enjoyed, over the past five weeks, being a part of a new group ministry at church (PAGE). The ‘class’, as it has been started, has given me an outlet for my creative side; something I have been remiss to do lately. We have studied liturgical art, and the place…

  • Smoked Jerky – Original

    Smoked Jerky – Original

    Spent some time with the smoker this weekend.  This is my first attempt at making a beef jerky. Make sure to keep your cuts as uniform as possible. If you don’t, just claim you were offering a variety of choices between chewy and dry, then ask which they prefer so it is more believable ;)…

  • boot-notify


    Just put together a quick bash script I call to email me when my pogo server comes online.

  • From Lightroom To A Better Customer CD (includes copyright release!)

    From Lightroom To A Better Customer CD (includes copyright release!)

    Exporting images to disc from Lightroom, is a wonderful option to have, indeed. However it is also…. lacking. My goal is to burn a customer’s images to a CD, with an image containing folder, company information, copyright release, and anything else you might want to add automatically (think customer referral cards, or promotions). Unfortunately, Lightroom just…

  • Craft: The never need water family flowers in a jar

    Craft: The never need water family flowers in a jar

    Mother’s Day, Aunt’s birthday, dropped Grandma’s favorite vase and you need to replace it with something she will like even better, pronto! Here’s the answer you have been looking for. Gremlin Kid made flower vase that is super low maintenance and a photo display to boot.

  • Sautéed Cashews Cranberry Spinach Salad

    Sautéed Cashews Cranberry Spinach Salad

    Sautéed Cashew Cranberry Spinach Salad This beautiful dark green salad is a great companion to your grilled steaks or pork. It is full-bodied and will pair well with a red wine. Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spinach or other dark greens Cashews (crushed) Craisins Salt Pepper Crispy Onion Straws Red Pepper Flakes (optional) Directions: Heat…

  • Pogoplug Series 4 Arch Setup Part 1

    Pogoplug Series 4 Arch Setup Part 1

    This post has been depricated and remains for historical purposes only. Please refer to -link coming soon- instead. Backups, backups, backups! Having recently recovering files from a crashed hard drive for family, I decided it was time to upgrade my backup solutions.  Until now, my setup has included a myriad of tricks, including local copies,…

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