by on 2015.04.19

Just put together a quick bash script I call to email me when my pogo server comes online.

From Lightroom To A Better Customer CD (includes copyright release!)

by on 2014.08.16

Exporting images to disc from Lightroom, is a wonderful option to have, indeed. However it is also…. lacking. My goal is to burn a customer’s images to a CD, with an image containing folder, company information, copyright release, and anything else you might want to add automatically (think customer referral cards, or promotions). Unfortunately, Lightroom just […]

Craft: The never need water family flowers in a jar

by on 2014.07.02

Mother’s Day, Aunt’s birthday, dropped Grandma’s favorite vase and you need to replace it with something she will like even better, pronto! Here’s the answer you have been looking for. Gremlin Kid made flower vase that is super low maintenance and a photo display to boot.

Pogoplug Series 4 Arch Setup Part 1

by on 2014.03.15


This post has been depricated and remains for historical purposes only. Please refer to -link coming soon- instead. Backups, backups, backups! Having recently recovering files from a crashed hard drive for family, I decided it was time to upgrade my backup solutions. ¬†Until now, my setup has included a myriad of tricks, including local copies, […]