Untitled: photographic print


PAGE Easter Project 2016

I won’t be doing a full write up for this piece, but hey, at least is isn’t being posted a month late either. We pick our battles?

For more information about why I am doing these projects, please check out PAGE’s facebook page (opens in new tab).



Untitled: photographic print

Technical Specifications


  • Canon 40D
  • ISO: 100, F4.0, 1/250s, 47mm
  • Manual Focus, Image Stabilization off (on tripod)
  • 3 Light setup. 1 above, 1 to each side of subject

Have a look at how I set up my front room. It didn’t take up too much room, at least that’s what I keep telling everyone trying to walk past.

The Set
3 lights, left, right, above.

And to give you an idea of what each light does…

Effects of each light
The main lights, coming in from each side, are set to the same power, but the right light is slightly behind the flower, and a few inches nearer it. The light, camera left, is set slightly forward of the flower as opposed to being strictly a side light.


  • Slightly zoomed in and cropped to 11×14
  • Adjustments made to Blue & Purple Hues, Sharpening+
  • Tone curve: -26 to shadows on linear curve
  • Slight Post Crop Vignette to corners (-21)
  • Slight Radial Filter to further blur outside of corners

Not much needed to be done to this in post. I had fun doing lots of test shots, and getting it how I liked in the camera. I can’t wait to see how it looks on paper!








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