Craft: The never need water family flowers in a jar

Mother’s Day, Aunt’s birthday, dropped Grandma’s favorite vase and you need to replace it with something she will like even better, pronto! Here’s the answer you have been looking for. Gremlin Kid made flower vase that is super low maintenance and a photo display to boot.

Kids Craft Flowers in Jar

Here’s how to do it in X easy steps.

Gather supplies.
  • Mason jar with or without lid.
  • Prettyful scrapbooking paper (cardstock preferred)
  • Ribbon
  • Paint (at least 2 colors. We used green / beige)
  • Pictures of your kids, pets, yourself… whatever you want to adorn the flowers.
  • Hot glue / gun (for attaching flowers to stems)
  • General painting supplies. (bowl, brushes, apons, paper towels, etc)
  • Glue / tape / other adhesive (for attaching pictures to flowers)
  • A couple of gooberiffic kids ( Gooberiffic Kids )
Paint the jars

Simple step.  Set the kids up with a bowl of paint, a few brushes and some old clothes or aprons and let them go to town.  Younger children may need a hand keeping the jars from rolling off the table.  These are glass so use your best judgement.

S&L painting mason jars. S&L painting mason jars

Cut out flowers and attach pictures.

Cut out flower shapes.While the base coat is drying, we can begin working on the flowers to go in the jar.  Draw circles on the back of the paper you will be using for the flowers at roughly the same size you want your pictures to be on the flowers.  Quickly draw the petals around these circles, leaving a margin around the circles in case your scissors get a bit aggressive.  Make extras, you will most likely need them.

More painting.

Now that the jars have had a chance to dry and your flowers are all cut out, it is time to add the handprints (and optionally a date, year, name, etc).

Be sure to pick a color that will contrast with your base coat.
Be sure to pick a color that will contrast with your base coat.

Get your hands dirty. Leave an impression.

Final Assembly.

Flower assembly.Time to bust out with the hot glue gun.  Make a circle on the end of each stem so you have a bit more surface area to glue to.  I also made some circles doubled wrapped or 1.5 wrapped(?) so that the stems would be varying heights.  I suppose it wouldn’t be any harder to just cut them to the desired lengths.

Next, tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar for some of that froo froo stuff mom’s like.  If you want to use the lid, drill a whole in the center of it; 1/4 inch should be enough for a few pieces of pipe cleaner. Tape/glue pictures of the kiddos onto each petal. Put it all together and watch the faces of everyone you know light up when the kids gift them out.


Final Product. Paper flowers in mason jar.p.s. Han helped.




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